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Our Mission is to provide youth with projects that create a sense of accomplishment, an understanding of hard work, the skills to be a leader and the power of team work.

One Track Mind

Our Story

From our sketches on a map to the dirt in your tread, we bring mountain biking to life. One Track Mind calls upon nature, volunteering, education, and exercise to create opportunities for more people to experience the transformative power of mountain biking. We partner with regional experts creating opportunities for local youth to develop skills to excel on the trail and in life.

For us, mountain biking transcends the trail. From our first time rolling up to a trailhead years ago to countless races around the country, the passion for mountain biking and the outdoors has become a driving force in our lives. Focus, perseverance, and a sense of adventure are born on a mountain bike and ripen into values that make us more complete people. With One Track Mind, we return to the source to bring mountain biking to the masses through dedicated trail stewardship.

Our Projects



Chantilly (Lace up your Boots)! We partnered with Rocky Mountain Youth Corps to make this project happen! This trail will make an important single track connection with multiple Breckenridge neighborhoods and the surrounding trail system. The project is a community...

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Wallman Trail

Wallman Trail

The Wallman Trail is an important travel route in the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area and Wilderness. The project to reroute the trail, adding 1.3 miles of trail to the system allows users to move from the main corridor of Rattlesnake Creek into Spring Gulch, via...

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Brundage to Bear Basin Connector

Brundage to Bear Basin Connector

Brundage to Bear Basin Connector- This trail was originally conceived in 2009 by USFS McCall Ranger District Recreation staff and approved for design in 2011. Unfortunately, the USFS never built this trail due to lack of funding and staff at that time. In 2018, we...

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Our projects are made possible by donors, volunteers, and corporate sponsors. Each of our trail initiatives is designed to inspire and educate young people by providing them hands on outdoor trail building opportunities with the objective of developing life-long skills and a passion for nature.

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Do you have land that would be perfect for public mountain biking trails, or know someone looking for an experienced team to design, build, or maintain trails? We’re ready to make it happen. Get in touch, and let’s get to work.


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